How it works

Present your idea in an informal atmosphere, discuss concepts, product fit and monetization. Even if you don't work with us, it's always good to get feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and of course to make business connections that might be useful later.

If you have the technical skills, you would build a prototype to demo or minimal viable product (MVP) stage. If not, then we can help you with wireframe and mockup tools to build the concept.

We can fund the idea in exchange for equity, help you raise finance through our network connections or you can use our crowdfunding platform. At this stage we would also help with company formation and legal issues.

If you don't have the technical skills, Zeresoft has a team of designers & programmers to help build a product, both on web and mobile, ready for initial launch.

Zeresoft will continue to work with your startup, offering advice on growth, social media use, promotion, advertising and many other aspects of your business