Our Investments

Zeresoft invests in or owns various companies and products, concentrating in finance, IT, ecommerce and elearning.
We are interested in very early seed startups, offering advice, help and finance.

//Tagcash - Payments & Rewards

Online and offline payment platform, connecting payments with rewards for customers and affiliates.


//VTC - Virtual Training Company

VTC is a leader in self-paced software training for the working professional, student, or hobbyist. From pioneer courses in 1994 to its latest releases, The company continues to expand its library of over 1000 courses available online instreaming video format. Courses include programs for database programming, networking, office applications, graphics, animation & 3D, audio production, video, web design, operating systems and is currently broadening its focus to include business subjects.



iPlotz enables web designers to create navigable wireframes and mockups. Features include online sharing, exports, and reusable snippets and will help non technical and technical people build prototypes before they go to design and coding.



Posif is a universal rating system that lets anyone rate another person, a company or a product. But your rating only counts if you yourself have a rating.



Tag77 is an events and ticketing site, where tickets can be sold, and incentive rewards offered to share tickets on social media to help sell. The Tagcash mobile app handles registration and redemption of tickets at the door, and uses NFC and QR codes to make the process more efficient.



Real Time Bus Reservations system for the Philippines, also integrated into the Miskio app for a mobile experience.



Maximize your learning potential with EduSlide, a web-based learning management system (LMS), which combines controlled social networking, course creation and administration. EduSlide is a fully integrated learning environment for schools, universities as well as companies.


//Packing Delicious

Packing Delicious was established with the purpose of providing hungry netizens with pre-packed food that is ready to eat, any time, and in the convenience of your own home. Be it bottled gourmet tuyo, Moroccan lamb stew or bottled laing, we have a variety of dishes that is sure to whet your appetite or satisfy your craving..



Introducing Asia's most advanced paintwork, leather and fabric protection system. Long lasting protection for your car, inside and out...​ Guaranteed for 3 years!​. Imported directly from UK into Philippines.


//Miskio - Connecting your world

Miskio is an Android app enabling communication between users and merchants, offering chat, audio, video, services, shopping and rewards. It also integrate Tagcash.com eWallets and uses Tagcoin cyrptocurrency as a shared rewards currency throughout the app.



Tagbond is an asset tracking, inventory and people management app (cross platform Android and iOS), allowing anyone to store information on any asset or person, connecting NFC and QR codes for easy identification. THe TAG API allows for information retrieval or integration into any website.



Tagcoin is a cryptocurrency created in October 2013, with a fair launch and no premine. Similar to Bitcoin, Tagcoin is a decentralized currency traded on multiple exchanges. It offers 5% interest pa and an average of 120,000 coins produced per month. Tagcoin is the primary rewards currency in the Miskio app.



This project was built to give the value of Bitcoin and Tagcoin against multiple currencies, and uses information from multiple sites to give real time data.