Do you have ideas but don't know where to start?

Zeresoft is a business incubator that gives budding entrepreneurs the opportunity and assistance to build their business and launch it to the Philippines and the world.

//Why choose Zeresoft

We believe in helping small startups become viable businesses, solving problems and helping others. We are approachable, and will tell you honestly if we think an idea will work or not, and why. We offer technical help as well as financing, and continuing support as you grow. Although we tend to work with Philippines based companies, we are open to budding entrepreneurs throughout Asia.

//Management Team

Zeresoft comprises a team of managers, coders, writers and sales people, based in Philippines, India and Morocco.


From 1988, Mark has been building IT based businesses, with 6 years in London, 5 years in Silicon valley, and the last 5 years in Asia. Armed with extensive experience and successful ventures, Mark oversees the entire company operations of - from brainstorming of ideas to implementation. He is both an angel investor and a startup entrepreneur, and gives a unique viewpoint on your concept.


Ayse is a seasoned development and program manager who focuses on project management and business plan implementation. Working as a consultant for several start-up companies for the past ten years, Ayse currently supervises employee training and technical knowledge education.